Joan Panzella

If you, for this 10 seconds, had no problems, with unlimited money, time, energy, and space at your disposal to freely choose ALL the joys of YOU…

What would you choose?

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Joan will be 63 in the Spring of 2017

Hi! I’m Joan Panzella, BF, BPF, AFF, CFMW

and I’m the world-wide coordinator and energy catalyst facilitator for BigDifferent, LLC!

(How does it get better than that?) 😀

Are you are a person who enjoys employing multiple ways of having your life work for you?


Are you a person who has the desire to open up, for you, endless possibilities for choosing joy, magnanimity and ease in your being no matter what you perceive your external circumstances to be?

If so, I offer unique energy catalyst sessions (in person, by phone and via Skype) that will enhance your ability to do just that!

I’ve been told by clients that my sessions are relaxing, invigorating, inspiring, edifying, humorous, life expanding, and above all, entertaining!

I am a certified Access Consciousness (R) :

An energetic bodywork session.

Joan and Dain
Joan Panzella and Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness

Energetic Facelift Faciliator

Bars Facilitator

It’s all about PLAY!

The play is in receiving, and TOTALLY enjoying YOU and the GIFT that you ARE!

When you have a session with me, Joyful energy is run on your Body and Being, and if you wish, we can ask lots of questions, to open up even more the infinite colors of infinite possibilities in your universe! What else is possible?

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