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Love this One! Access Consciousness Blog – Ten Misconceptions That Can Change Your Life (….and by Making Different Choices, Can Initiate That Change!)


Ten Misconceptions That Can Change Your Life

1.  Your past is relevant.

Do you function from your past?  So many of us are taught that we are the sum total of our past experiences.  If we buy that as true and real, than it becomes impossible to create anything that does not match our past.  If you came from a family that values it’s ethnic or religious background, it will be difficult for you to see what’s really true for you, beyond those beliefs and values.  What if you could be and create anything you chose regardless of your past?  How fun and expansive could that be?  A great exercise to do, if you are interested in moving beyond your past, is to take trips, or go to places you are unknown, and pretend to be someone entirely different.  If you come from an Italian catholic family from the east coast of the United States, you could choose to be an atheist from California, or even Australia. (You don’t have an accent because you studies in Iowa).  How much fun and freedom could you have if you were willing to change your past, even temporarily? What might you discover about yourself?
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