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Welcome to the BD blog! Read first for latest updates on changes to this Website.

Joan's Being the space of joy after energy session. You can Be it too!
Joan Being the Space of Joy and the Joy of Space after an energy session. You can Be it too!

I surprised myself!  Although I’m super busy co-creating this website and have been creating in other ways below the radar, I’m noticing that the blog posts were writing themselves, and that this part of my website is choosing to be seen!    How does it get easier and better than that?!

Just as a reminder, I not only offer sessions In Person, via Phone or Skype, but have Unique Intro Classes, that are In Person, or broadcast live on Zoom (Online).

*(Please note that Access Consciousness®, What Else Is Possible?® and How Does It Get Any Better Than This?® are All Copyrighted and/or Registered Trademarks of Access Consciousness.®)

NOTE: This Summer through Late Winter of 2020 I am continuing to be on temporary hiatus for In person Sessions, Phone Sessions, Skype sessions, and Classes while the Big Different website, and my additional website, “Energies Are An Open Book” are being updated/created, as well as lots more creations that are simmering up for all you beautiful people to soon enjoy!

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